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I was talking to someone about their recent restaurant visit, where the food and the service was amazing. They just couldn’t get over one thing, the host.

However great the food and ambience was once they sat down, it was that first impression that had the most lasting impact. Apparently, the host seemed distracted and not really interested in being…well…a host.

Do you ever get that feeling that when you’re trying to engage with staff, that you’re interrupting them ?

That first interaction with your business speaks volumes.

It’s no different than the first impression you get when meeting someone for the first time. It takes less than one second of interaction to make a judgement, and no matter how long those business relationships last, it doesn’t seem to change those first thoughts.


How is your business making that first impression ? Where are your first contact points with your customers ? Who starts to build those business relationships ?

Ask yourself this: Are your customers getting the impression you want, or more importantly, the impression they want ?

For example:

Help Desk – Who is responding to your customers issues and queries?

Reception – Who is greeting your customers or clients when they call ?

Appointment Setting – Who is taking the calls for setting up appointments ?

what if it is people who have other responsibilities in your business and they are not dedicated to this particular role ?. Will your customers or clients feel that they are “interrupting” your staff from carrying out their primary roles ?. How will this affect your business relationships ?

Answer- Connect with us!

We will help you create the best first impression . With dedicated and highly trained staff, we can be the answer to all your first point of contact needs as we will be fully focussed on delivering the best possible experience and create a long lasting positive impression of your business.

We help build business relationships.

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