Phrases That Drive Your Customer Mad!

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At AnswerConnect we firmly believe that creating a personal connection with customers is vital to successful businesses.

Most of that connection depends on the use of a warm, friendly tone; the building of rapport and the ability to be on the same level as your customer. A cold tone or a negative phrase can leave a customer frustrated and annoyed and can escalate a situation way beyond the level it should have reached.

Here are a few phrases we think should be avoided at all times:

1) I am only…. At Answerconnect we quickly realised that if our associates tell customers they are “only” the answering service or receptionist, the caller may think the person doesn’t want to take any responsibility or doesn’t care. It also diminishes a very important role in any business organisation.

So instead, let’s concentrate on what you can do, not what you can’t,. Example – “What I can do is take your details and a message and have Mr. Smith call you back as soon as he is available. Would that be helpful?”

2) I don’t know ….Not the answer a customer really wants to hear. They will become frustrated or just hang up when they know their question is absolutely not going to be answered.

Try saying “ Good question, let me find out for you.” Your customer will know that you are interested in them and making sure their question is answered.

3) Please hold …..Ok, so this might not seem like a biggie ! It is better than “Just a minute please,” then disappearing into the ether for whatever reason, but you are still demanding that a customer holds.

Try asking instead, “Would you mind holding for a moment until….” then explain why you are asking them to hold. If your customer knows why they are being asked to hold , they are much more willing to accept this.

4) You’ll have to ……Now that phrase can come across as a very demanding thing to say to your customer. The don’t really like being told what to do.

So, rather than tell them what to do, suggest something by saying, “ The best thing to do is …..” That way you are giving advice and guiding them to the right thing to do. In my experience, customers feel far more valued that way.

So, a few subtle changes in how you talk to your customers makes a massive difference.

At AnswerConnect, we train our associates to these standards so that your callers will always have the most positive experience possible when contacting your company

Call AnswerConnect at 0800 802 1609 or register here today to ensure your clients are greeted by capable, responsive professionals 24/7/365.

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What Kind of Phone Personality Are You?

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Whether you are a small, medium or large business organisation, every day you have time management issues impacting productivity for everyone: your clients, your customers, your employees and of course, for your company.

Company phone calls are an essential part of running a successful business. The calls can range from new business opportunities all the way to marketing calls that you wish you had not answered.

So, how do you manage that tricky balance of needing time off from the phone without missing important calls?

Having a virtual PA  is definitely a huge step in the right direction. At AnswerConnect, we have a range of options that would fit with any phone personality. We can also answer your calls in the way you prefer.

What do we mean by Phone Personality, you ask ?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you the type of person who likes to become immersed in your work with few interruptions ?
  • Are you a very talkative person ?
  • Do you constantly let calls go to your voicemail ?
  • Are you able to refocus quickly after an interruption ?

Finally, which of the following best describes you;

  • I prefer to take all calls.
  • I prioritise certain calls over others.
  • I’d prefer someone else to answer my calls.

This all helps us understand your Phone Personality, whether you are chatty and engaging or you prefer to return calls when it suits you best. We can build a plan for you and your business based on whether you want us to screen non-value calls,  transfer important calls directly to you, or take messages for you to call back later. We can become your phone personality!

No matter what type you are , it means your callers, customers and potential new clients are all getting to talk to real person first time , every time.

Call AnswerConnect at 0800 802 1609 or register here today to ensure your clients are greeted by capable, responsive professionals 24/7/365.


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Never Miss Another Call

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Live Answering Service

We’re here to help

Did you know that, according to some consumer report surveys, two-thirds of callers will hang up frustrated if they cannot actually talk to someone?

That’s 66%!!

That is a lot of potential missed opportunities for customers when they need you most and an awful lot of potential missed sales.

At AnswerConnect, our clients trust us to create a positive first impression with every single caller, and we guarantee that 100% of their calls will be answered promptly by our efficient and friendly Customer Experience Associates. You will never miss another call

We appreciate that your office receptionist/PA is not a robot, and have to step away from their desk from time to time. Then there are sick days , holidays , lunch breaks, etc. So sometimes, your callers are left listening to that irritating “There is no-one available to take your call” message.

AnswerConnect doesn’t take days off or coffee breaks. We are never sick or on holiday, so your phones are NEVER left unattended. Day or night , weekday or weekend, every single call will be greeted with a live human being.

Think of it from a customer’s perspective.

When they are looking for a service or product, they will normally have just a few spare minutes in their day to make that phone call. If they can’t speak to anyone , it is very likely they will look elsewhere for that service or product.

Think of the positive impact on your business and customer satisfaction levels if you never miss another call.

When I answer calls, I am constantly told by people that they are so glad they got through to a real person as they have tried such-and-such company and couldn’t get through. We get feedback from our clients thanking us for the part we have played in increasing their sales!

So, what are you waiting for ?. Make sure you never miss another call.

Call AnswerConnect at 0800 802 1609 or register here today to ensure your clients are greeted by capable, responsive professionals 24/7/365.


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Answering Services – Rediscovering The Lost Art Of Conversation

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Answering Services

I think that an answering service like ours at AnswerConnect fulfils a sense of nostalgia that is felt nowadays about ‘how things used to be better’. We long for things to be like they ‘used to be’ – simple, personal, genuine. Well at AnswerConnect we combine the modernity of the technological present with the personality of the business past. The way we work is the future!

This may be a bit corny, but in today’s world, a connection seems to mean that you click the “like” button on someone’s Facebook or Instagram, or re-Tweet a comment instead of building genuine, person-to-person relationships with one another and connecting on a real level. We have become so obsessed with immediacy and technology that we seem to have left the art of human conversation behind us.

For many businesses nowadays the highest level of human interaction one experiences is hearing the recorded words “Please leave your number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.” Did you know as many as 75% of callers who reach voicemail simply hang up, and 85% won’t try again? We yearn to speak with people. It gives us peace of mind when handing over payment and can often be the difference between us choosing one company from another that offers exactly the same service or product.

If you’ve ever seen the show Mad Men, the lead character, Don Draper, uses an answering service for his office calls. Phones may have worked very differently during the era that Mad Men takes place, but the importance of a personable, reliable service is something that is a fundamental reality – even in the fiction of such a show.

With the numerous services we offer above and beyond our competitors, our seamlessly integrated technology and strive for creating lasting and meaningful relationships with our and your clients, we feel that should be enough to excite you. If this isn’t convincing enough  the fact that Don Draper used an answering service should do it.

Come and speak with us at AnswerConnect and let us help you rediscover the lost art of actually talking with people!


By Gerry McColl




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