If you want to change the person to whom we transfer your calls depending on the day, an online calendar can help. You simply fill out the calendar for each month, and our agents will consult it when transferring calls.

Here’s an on-call calendar template.

Go to the File menu and choose Make a Copy. You’ll be prompted to rename the file. 

Rename the file with your company name and account number. 

Don’t edit the On-Call tab. That’s where the data will display for our virtual receptionists.

On the Data tab, fill out the dates and the number you’d like us to use for each day. 

Then, use the Share button in the top right corner to share the calendar file with clientservices@answerconnect.co.uk and give us a call at 0800 802 1039 to talk about how you’d like to integrate this calendar into your script.