Free web chat services with your telephone answering service.

Customised, branded web chat tools for your website at no additional cost.

Live web chat customer service for your website.

Smart businesses make it easy for their customers to reach them. Having 24-hour live answering is part of that. But when your customers are already online, looking at your website, they may prefer to contact you through web chat.

Web chat is a simple widget on your site that allows your customers to contact someone in real time. If they have doubts about a purchase, getting quick answers to a few questions can put their mind at ease and pave the way for a conversion.

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Web chat means customer satisfaction.

Many customers prefer web chat over other types of customer service for one reason or another. In fact, surveys have shown web chat to have the highest satisfaction rating of any customer service channel, at 73%.

Customers may feel more comfortable chatting their questions rather than making a telephone call. They may be in a place where speaking on the phone is inconvenient. Or they may just find it easier. No matter the reason, your AnswerConnect account makes it easy for you to accommodate them with live web chat customer service.

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Web chat features

  • Take your own chats, send them to us, or both
  • Proactively chat visitors or wait for them to chat
  • Track visitor activity
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you
  • Review your chat transcripts online
  • 24/7/365 chat associates are available

Simple web chat setup.

Adding web chat services to your existing website is simple. All it takes is one line of code! You can generate the code snippet from Client Web Access, your online portal for managing your AnswerConnect account.

If you want to insert the code on your site yourself, just copy and paste it from Client Web Access. Or, you can email it from CWA to whoever handles your website administration. You can easily add the widget to any site, including WordPress or Joomla-powered sites, or to your Facebook page with our free plugins.

Within minutes, you can be up and running with live web chat customer service, giving your website visitors an easy way to ask questions and remove barriers to purchasing your products and services.

Customisable design.

Our chat widget is fully customisable to match your brand. Adding your logo and brand colors is a snap. Your chat window will fit right in with the rest of your site, giving your customers a seamless web chat customer experience.

Two ways to handle web chat services.

  • You chat

    If you want to answer the chats yourself, just log into Client Web Access. When a customer chats you, their message will pop up. You can have a conversation with them just like you would in a text message or other messaging app. Best of all, you pay absolutely nothing for the service! No charge to generate the code snippet, no charge to handle as many chats as you want.

  • We chat

    On the other hand, you can also have our virtual receptionists answer your chats. In that case, you'll be using your regular plan minutes, just like you would for a phone call. You can have us provide your web chat customer service all the time, just after hours, just on weekends, or on whatever schedule you choose. Any time you're available to get the chat, it will go to you and you won't use your minutes. If you're not online, the chat will roll over to us. Either way, your customers will get the answers they need to feel confident buying from you.

Types of web chat services.

You can choose between two approaches to web chat customer service: proactive chat or click to chat. There's no right answer. It's up to you and what's best for your business.

  • Proactive chat

    With proactive chat, a customer experience associate will greet your website visitors by chat after a predetermined amount of time on the page. Or, you can set the widget to pop when a customer leaves a shopping cart, which can be a sign they're confused or undecided and need help. Don't wait for your customers to come to you. Reach out to them with proactive chat.

  • Click to chat

    With click to chat, your chat widget is available in a corner or on the edge of your site. If your customers need help, all they have to do is click on the widget to open a chat window. Otherwise, they're free to browse and explore your site without being interrupted.

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Track your investment with chat analytics.

Your chat widget comes with analytics code as well. The code allows you to use one of several platforms, including Google Analytics, to track your website visitors' interactions with the chat widget. You'll see who's chatting you, how they reached the chat widget, and what they're interested in. Analytics helps you make the most of your marketing campaigns, delivering a greater return on your investment.

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