Telephone Answering Services
for Small Business

24 hour live answering and support by a
team of customer service experts.

Plans & Pricing

Call answering services for small business

With a live telephone answering service, your small business can be as big as your dreams. Our affordable plans give you round-the-clock coverage with a global reach. Give your customers the best service, no matter where they are.

How we help small businesses grow

Our mission is to help our clients grow. We believe a live phone answering service for small business is an important tool for your success. With the help of a customised company profile and a finely tuned live answering script, our customer experience associates answer your phone lines in your business name. We work hard to train our customer experience associates to provide the best possible service for your customers— just like you would.

A telephone answering service for small business helps you maximise your marketing pound, because you won't miss out on the leads your campaigns generate. A live call answering service prevents abandoned shopping carts by being there to answer questions whenever your customers need help. With an AnswerConnect account we will help fill your calendar with new business, because your new and existing clients will be able to book time whenever they want, day or night.

We were once a start-up too

Small business will always matter to us, because we started as two business partners in a garage with big dreams. We understand many of the challenges you face in trying to find a call answering service for your small business.

We get it. We've been there. In fact, in many ways we're still there, even though we've grown to employ associates all over the UK and in every major time zone in the U.S. We have a lot of respect for the entrepreneurs who choose the difficult path of starting up a business. And we want to help you reap the rewards and see your company grow.

Cost-effective customer service

A small business telephone answering service has to be there to provide great customer service. Small businesses can't afford to miss out on opportunities and every customer counts. At the same time, a service provider for small businesses has to be able to work with your small business budget. We keep these things in mind every day.

A call answering service for your small business can provide a level of coverage and customer support that would be out of reach for most small businesses trying to hire full time, in-house employees. With an affordable answering service plan from us, you get coverage every hour of every day of the year. Our network of customer experience associates can handle whatever your customers throw at them-and your callers will never go to voicemail or be placed on hold ever again.

Answering services to fit your small business needs

  • 24/7/365 live answering

    Virtual receptionists around the clock to answer in your business name. Make it easy for your customers to do business with you, and never miss a call.

  • Messages and voicemail

    You set the rules for when calls go to voicemail, when we take messages, and more. Adding our flexible virtual receptionists to your team allows you to customise a call flow that fits your business and you can change it any time.

  • Call transfer and routing

    We get your calls to the right person at the right time. Give us your staff's contact information and our virtual receptionists will route your inbound calls, emails, and chats where they need to go.

  • Lead generation and qualification

    You determine the questions, we ask them. Don't waste time on dead ends or low-priority conversations. We screen your calls so you can focus on converting the hottest leads.

  • Order management

    When people get stuck or frustrated in e-commerce, an abandoned cart isn't far behind. With a live call answering service for your small business, your customers get the help they need to place their orders and purchase your products.

  • Appointments and Scheduling

    Fill your calendar with a live call answering service to help your customers book a slot. Use our partner Setmore or your app of choice. Let us handle the appointment setting while you focus on delivering your fantastic service.

  • Industry-specific approach

    Our specialised teams can focus on industry specific enterprise; legal, medical, property, service providers, and more. We have experience in just about every kind of small business, so we can step right in and take care of your clients and customers the way you would.

  • Access your account online from anywhere

    Log into your Client Web Access account to get your messages, see your usage, and adjust your account settings any time. With our online portal, you can connect to your small business answering service account from anywhere there's an internet connection.