Live 24/7 Medical
Answering Services
in the UK

24 hour live answering and support by a
team of customer service experts.

Plans & Pricing

Just What the Doctor Ordered

When a patient calls their GP or other healthcare professional, they want competence and compassion. We aim to help you provide both while controlling costs. Your patients have confidence in their ability to reach your practice at any time, while you're able to concentrate on what you do best protect their health.

  • Health Plans

    Partner with AnswerConnect to look after current patients and acquire new ones.

  • Medical and Dental Offices

    Provide better patient service, boost productivity, and reduce cost while focusing your attention on patient care.

  • Hospitals

    Reduce operational expenses while maintaining high quality care.

  • Medical Receptionists

    Give your patients a live person to schedule appointments or take messages day or night.