We are supporting Food for Families.

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Food for Families

The initiative.

In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, the subsequent closure of businesses and loss of jobs, we have chosen to direct our monthly donations to support local food banks and families.

Food initiative

People who have been referred to a food bank:

  • Costs

    Have an average weekly income after housing costs of just £50

  • food

    Cannot afford to buy the absolute essentials - with 94% facing real destitution

  • health issues

    Have health issues - with nearly 75% reporting at least one health issue

  • Housing costs

    Have a household income that was about the same as their housing costs

Source: State of Hunger Report 2020

Helping through Trussell Trust.

With the help of the Trussell Trust, we have identified several food banks in the UK. Together, we can support each other during this difficult time, and Trussell Trust can continue their essential work in the local community.

Learn more about Trussell Trust
Helping through Trussell Trust

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

Charles Dickens