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Why it works.

  • Capture lead

    Capture every lead

    Be there for your prospective
    customers. Anywhere, anytime.

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    No voicemail, no bots

    Win more business with real people,
    not automated voices.

  • small phone with notification

    Manage my calls

    Busy? Have an important meeting?
    We've got you covered.

  • address book

    Know my callers

    We recognise your returning callers
    for a personalised experience.

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    Unique to you

    No two businesses are the same.
    Your call flow is tailor-made for you.

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    CRM integration

    We integrate seamlessly with
    your current systems.

How can a call centre help your business?

Considering hiring a call centre for your business? Unlike a fixed location call centre, our call centre solution offers round-the-clock coverage from a team of virtual receptionists.

We provide the same consistent support as a call centre, without the overhead costs that come with owning an office.

With virtual call centre agents distributed across the UK, you're protected from local service outages and natural disasters.

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What can a UK Call Centre
Solution do for your business?

  • 24/7 customer service

    With a team of virtual receptionists supporting your business 24/7/365, customers can reach you, anytime.

  • Call centre appointment booking

    Help callers book appointments and engage with more customers through our online booking platform or integrate your own online calendar.

  • Messages and voicemail

    We get your calls to the right person at the right time. We route your inbound calls, emails, and chats where they need to go.

  • Industry-specific knowledge

    With call centre solutions specialised to your industry, you can give every caller a unique response.

  • Call forwarding and routing

    Direct specific calls to the best person in your team. Decide where we route your inbound calls, and chats to pursue the best leads.

  • Order-management

    Grow your order capacity and boost your bottom line with a 24/7 order management call centre solution.

  • Lead capture and qualification

    You need to prioritise the right opportunities. Let your virtual receptionists qualify your leads and focus on converting the best for your business.

  • Track engagement everywhere

    View messages, track your usage and adjust your account settings anywhere through your secure AnswerConnect portal.

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The voice (and ears) of your business.

Our friendly virtual call centre agents are an extension of your business.

From call answering to lead qualification, our agents combine expertise, efficiency and empathy to provide a consistently professional service.

  • 1.Let's talk.

    Tell us about your business, your customers and your goals. We work with you
    to create call flows to give your clients the best experience.

  • 2.Let us handle your calls.

    Our friendly call centre agents engage and interact with your leads and customers, 24/7.

  • 3.Stay up-to-date Anywhere.

    See details of every customer interaction via our app, SMS, or email.

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  • What is a call centre solution?Arrow icon

    A call centre solution is a specialist customer service in which real people - working remotely - answer calls on behalf of a business.

  • How can I improve my contact centre?Arrow icon

    Engaging with callers 24/7 is a major challenge, especially for small and medium businesses that don't want to pay for a team to operate around the clock. That's why many businesses opt to outsource their customer support to an inbound call centre solution.

  • How to choose a call centre solution?Arrow icon

    Every business is different, and every call centre solution will offer varying services. AnswerConnect offers a scalable call centre solution. You can adjust the amount of minutes you require each month and add new services (including live Web Chat Support and appointment scheduling) at no extra cost.

  • Does my business need a call centre? Arrow icon

    A call centre service can help your business by freeing up time for your existing team while providing the same high standard of customer service. If you're having trouble answering calls, following up with enquiries or generally engaging with leads and clients, then an answering service is an invaluable support tool for your business.

  • How does a call centre work? Arrow icon

    A virtual call centre provides real-time responses to business calls and web chat interactions. Call centre agents respond to calls and on-site web chat interactions, and record and relay messages to the business owner or other relevant member of staff.

  • How will you work with my business? Arrow icon

    We work with your current team and design call flows to respond to your business needs. If you already have a receptionist team, you can choose an out of hours call centre solution, or simply opt for us to handle your overflow calls.

  • Are you based in the UK? Arrow icon

    Yes, our call centre receptionists are based around the UK, so you can give callers an on-brand experience in every interaction.

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