Attending relevant business events is a must. Especially if you want to seize new opportunities, gain insights from experts and expand your network. With 2024 just a few months away, it’s time to explore the best small business events for your business.

The importance of business events for small businesses in 2024

Attending events can be daunting, especially if it’s out of your comfort zone. But there are so many people you could miss out on meeting by not making it part of your growth strategy. Imagine seeing in a crystal ball that your next customer, an ideal supplier, or future investor was going to be there – you’d be there in an instant.

Events are great for a number of reasons. They offer unique learning experiences and a chance to keep up with industry trends. They also bring face-to-face interactions that online platforms can’t replicate. From the latest strategies and technologies, through to best practices to drive your business forward. It’s all you could ask for. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the top ten small business events that should be on your radar in 2024. These events are not only informative, but they’re also an excellent platform for networking, learning and growth too.

The Service Nation: Building a Thriving Future

The Institute of Customer Service has an annual conference and is the UK’s leading forum for customer experience thought leadership. At this event you’ll meet thought leaders and industry experts to learn from their expertise. You’ll get to engage with like-minded individuals to exchange ideas. Plus you’ll learn about the new approaches to customer service to help you foster loyalty, advocacy and sustainable business growth.

UK business events

When: 12 March 2024

Where: London Hilton on Park Lane

The Great British Family Business Conference

This event celebrates the significant contribution that family firms make in terms of employment, income generation and wealth creation. If you’re looking for an inspirational event that brings the family business community together, this is for you. It shares insights on all manner of topics to help you achieve your family business goals. The day is packed full of valuable workshops and networking opportunities.

small business events

When: 20 March 2024

Where: The Royal Geographical Society in London.

SME XPO: Powering Scaleup Businesses

SME XPO is a conference dedicated entirely to ambitious SME founders and decision-makers who are looking to scale. It’s an opportunity to take your company to the next level by meeting new business partners, exhibitors and sponsors. You’ll get to meet investors and other business owners on a similar journey to you. And with six keynotes and 60+ expert speakers, you’ll see the nation’s most forward-thinking entrepreneurs and learn from the best.

UK business events

When: 23-24 April 2024

Where: ExCeL London

Atomicon 2024

Atomicon is a sales and marketing conference aimed to help skyrocket your small business. It prides itself on being a ‘No-pitch’ event. That means any talks you attend are there to increase your knowledge and not sell you whatever it is the speaker is selling. It’s designed to motivate you, enable you and give you the tools and connections to take your business to the next level. 

small business events UK

When: 18 June 2024

Where: Newcastle-upon-Tyne

BCC Global Annual Conference

The British Chamber of Commerce Global Annual Conference brings together business leaders, policy experts, media and government representatives. It’s all about tackling important business issues and creating a lasting change. It’s the mission of the BCC to help businesses thrive in trade, skills, economic growth and green innovation. 

UK business events

When: Thursday 27 June 2024

Where: QEII Centre, London

eCommerce Expo

An event created especially for B2C and B2B eCommerce professionals. This is for you if you’re looking for specialised content, market insights and the latest technologies to optimise your online sales and get the most out of every click, view, like and purchase. You’ll find a number of relevant talks around evolving tools, trends and technologies. All to help you find new opportunities. 

small business events

When: 18 – 19 September 2024

Where: ExCel London

UK Black Business Show

Created to inspire and connect black business owners and professionals. The UK Black Business Show highlights the achievements and contributions Black businesses have made to the economy. This event is great for your development as it has exhibitions, deep-dive workshops, interactive panels and seminars. You’ll also receive cutting-edge insight and advice in entrepreneurial leadership, soft skills and cultural development.

UK business events

When: October 2024 (Date TBC)

Where: London

The Sifted Summit

Aimed at the top founders changing the game, the super operators making things happen and the investors betting on a brighter future. You can expect a brilliant conference and exhibition, inspiring workshops and roundtables. Plus, you’ll discover the tools and tech to propel your company and learn from diverse thought leaders who steered their startup to success.

small business events UK

When: October 2024 (Date TBC)

Where: London

The Great British Business Show

Helping SMEs and start-ups grow and develop by revealing the secrets of business adaptation and innovation. The Business Show gathers and showcases the knowledge and services of hundreds of business experts and leaders. It’s jam-packed with everything an entrepreneur or small business needs to succeed, with a mind-boggling 750 exhibitors, 200 inspiring seminars and unmissable masterclasses.

uk small business events

When: November 2024 (Date TBC)

Where: London

B2B Expos

If you’re looking for events to meet local businesses and professionals B2B Expos has events up and down the country which are location specific. Perfect for making new connections, finding inspiration and networking locally. From breakfast networking and visiting the exhibitions, to afternoon seminars led by industry experts. 

small business events

When: All year round

Where: Nationally

How to look for growth opportunities through networking

Attending the right events can open doors to new opportunities, knowledge and connections. They also offer a diverse range of insights and strategies that are vital for growth.

Set yourself up for success and follow these steps:

  • Review the events we’ve shared and select those that align with your business goals.
  • Research other events relevant to your industry or locality – Take a look at Eventbrite and through your local business networks.
  • Register for the chosen events in advance to avoid missing out on a ticket.
  • Prepare questions and discussion points to maximise your experience.
  • Actively network – exchange contacts and engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Take notes and implement the insights gained from these events into your business strategies.

Consider these events as a valuable stepping stone. Afterall, successful businesses are built on a foundation of learning and adaptation. It’s a great investment for the future of your business.