You can change your plan through your AnswerConnect App at any time.*

If you expect to consistently exceed your current plan minutes, a plan upgrade is probably a good idea.

If you’ve just exceeded your plan minutes for a month or two, but don’t think that call volume will last, you might be better off sticking with the plan you have.

If you’d like to change your plan:

  1. Go to Settings in your AnswerConnect App.
  2. Go to Billing & Reports.
  3. Choose Change Plan from Plan Details.
  4. Select the plan you want based on the number of minutes required.
  5. Choose any additional features from Addons.
  6. When you’ve selected your plan, click Confirm.

*You can change your plan at any time, however, you are responsible for any changes and the additional charges upgrading to a higher plan will incur. However, our team are always on hand to help you if you’re unsure.