Overages happen. Call volumes can vary depending on the season, marketing campaigns, or other fluctuations.

Our priority in these situations is to keep your lines open so your customers never experience an interruption of service.

To help you monitor your usage, we provide detailed, up-to-the-minute stats in your AnswerConnect app. You can log in and check your usage any time you’re online.

We also send you a notification (via the App and via email) when you’ve used 80% of your minutes for the month, and again at 100%.

If you exceed your plan minutes, you are free to upgrade to a larger plan. In some cases, it might make more sense to stick with your plan and just pay for the overage minutes on a one-time basis.

Generally, any overage minutes will simply appear on your bill as a separate item.

However, if the total cost of your overage minutes equals or exceeds £100, and you have a payment method such as a credit card on file with us, we will charge that payment method for the overage amount only (not for your regular plan amount), even if it’s in the middle of the billing period.

This means that your card might be charged outside of the normal billing cycle, but only if your usage exceeds your plan by £100 or more. If the overage amount is less than £100, it will simply appear on your next bill.

If you have any questions about this policy, please call 0800 802 1039 or email clientservices@answerconnect.co.uk.