We create a custom script for your account based on your particular needs. Generally, this consists of an answer phrase followed by a “decision tree.” Our Client Experience Associates (CXAs) choose options based on what the caller says, which in turn open new scripting instructions and new fields for the agent to complete.

For example, after greeting your callers, our CXAs may hear the caller say that they want to place an order. When the agent checks the box for order taking in your script, new fields appear to collect the order information.

In addition, the info page on your account (which you can review through the Agent View feature of your AnswerConnect App) tells us things like your location, hours, and names of staff. 

By carefully creating a script that is neither incomplete nor too complicated, we can maximise the efficiency and accuracy with which we answer your calls. At the same time, we don’t ask our agents to follow a script blindly. We are most valuable to you when we can react to the situation at hand in an informed and natural way.