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Did you know that, according to some consumer report surveys, two-thirds of callers will hang up frustrated if they cannot actually talk to someone?

That’s 66%!!

That is a lot of potential missed opportunities for customers when they need you most and an awful lot of potential missed sales.

At AnswerConnect, our clients trust us to create a positive first impression with every single caller, and we guarantee that 100% of their calls will be answered promptly by our efficient and friendly Customer Experience Associates. You will never miss another call

We appreciate that your office receptionist/PA is not a robot, and have to step away from their desk from time to time. Then there are sick days , holidays , lunch breaks, etc. So sometimes, your callers are left listening to that irritating “There is no-one available to take your call” message.

AnswerConnect doesn’t take days off or coffee breaks. We are never sick or on holiday, so your phones are NEVER left unattended. Day or night , weekday or weekend, every single call will be greeted with a live human being.

Think of it from a customer’s perspective.

When they are looking for a service or product, they will normally have just a few spare minutes in their day to make that phone call. If they can’t speak to anyone , it is very likely they will look elsewhere for that service or product.

Think of the positive impact on your business and customer satisfaction levels if you never miss another call.

When I answer calls, I am constantly told by people that they are so glad they got through to a real person as they have tried such-and-such company and couldn’t get through. We get feedback from our clients thanking us for the part we have played in increasing their sales!

So, what are you waiting for ?. Make sure you never miss another call.

Call AnswerConnect at 0800 802 1609 or register here today to ensure your clients are greeted by capable, responsive professionals 24/7/365.


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