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Virtual Answering Service

Support your business with AnswerConnect’s Virtual Answering Service, so you need never miss another call.

Question: Are you are missing out on business because you can’t manage the volume of enquiries you receive on a daily basis, but can’t afford to add to your in-house team?

Answer – Connect with us.

AnswerConnect can give you a competitive, cost-effective solution. Your virtual answering team will be there to answer your calls, liaise with your clients and capture your leads, whenever you need us.

Be there for business 24/7

Question: Are you missing vital calls or opportunities because clients or customers are calling you “out of hours”?

Answer- Connect with us

AnswerConnect keep you open for business every day of the year, with 24-hour service. Day or night, your callers will always be answered by a real person who can help them book an appointment, make diary entries, process and take payment for orders, answer questions or simply to take a message or lead detail. Whatever your need, we can meet it.

How our virtual answering service works for you

All your calls would be answered just as if we were in your office
Full support for you when your lines are busy
We transfer the calls, take a message, schedule appointments and more…

Give your callers a seamless service

We will endeavour to learn as much about your business as we can before we start taking your calls. When you setup your account with AnswerConnect, we will find out how you answer the phone, what your callers expect from you, and what your team are able to do when they have a caller on the line.

If a virtual answering service is what you need, get in touch with us today and change how you work for the better!



By Gerry McColl

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