This March, AnswerConnect partnered with Trees For Life to help rewild and rejuvenate The Scottish Highlands. Long known for their beautiful scenery, the Highlands have sadly faced a number of ecological threats, particularly deforestation and climate change. As a result, much of the natural wildlife that is needed to keep the forest abundant has vanished.

So, what are Trees For Life doing to help protect the Scottish Highlands? Find out below.

A loch in the Scottish Highlands

Where are the Scottish Highlands?

The Scottish Highlands are located in Northwest Scotland and encompass the globally unique Caledonian Forest. According to Trees for Life’s Richard Bunting, the area is “Scotland’s equivalent of a rainforest, it’s also one of the UK’s most endangered habitats…the forest has been slowly dying, and today only a tiny percentage of the former forest survives.”

Trees for Life works within The Scottish Highlands to restore the wild forest and encourage the return of the wildlife that once lived within it. They work with landowners, communities, and partners so everyone can benefit from a thriving, healthy, rewilded landscape.

A hillside in the Scottish Highlands

How are the Highlands being rewilded?

Trees for Life recognizes that the Caledonian Forest is more than trees; it’s an intricate web of life. That means it should be home to the full range of wildlife that originally grew there.

This includes large predators such as wolves and lynxes, forest grazers such as wild cattle, and special plants such as twinflower. 

Trees for Life has helped reintroduce the red squirrel to forests in the North West Highlands after 50 years without them. The charity has also sought to bring beavers back; reintroducing them to their natural home among the rivers and lochs.

The Trees for Life Time celebrating atop a hill in the Scottish Highlands

People helping our planet

Trees for Life works with thousands of volunteers each year, helping plant trees in remote areas of the mountains to grow new forests. By offering corporate team-building activities as well as opportunities for individual volunteers, Trees For Life allows everyone to get involved. These activities can also improve individual well-being; being among nature and playing a crucial role in helping improve the environment. 

Trees in Scotland planted under the for Life charity

Scottish Highlights help our community

AnswerConnect works with Trees for Life to help rewild the Scottish Highlands which host many different types of wildlife and animals habitats. Our monthly partner has a holistic approach to improving the environment and bettering our Planet, with the help of many People.

Learn more about how AnswerConnect is giving back to our Planet, through other tree planting initiatives here.

Image courtesy of Trees For Life.