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Bear catching fish

Being ready at just the right time is crucial for this bear but also for your business. Costly radio and television ads entice customers to call now, not later. AnswerConnect’s proficient Sales and Marketing teams answers calls, chats, and emails 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. We turn a spur of the moment decision to contact you into a solid lead, qualifying and managing potential customers according to your needs.

AnswerConnect’s 24/7/365 lead management approach includes:

Qualifying prospects

We develop questionnaires or use ones you already have to qualify prospects. Our Sales and marketing teams then leads customers step-by-step through the call, capturing information you need to qualify potential customers. We score the leads and write notes so your sales team has what they need to close the deal.

Transmitting leads

We route qualified leads based on your preferences. Our team emails or faxes leads to specified people within your organisation; these leads and notes are also posted to your online client account. If you prefer, we can use your company’s web-enabled sales and lead management system to track, prioritise, and enter leads.

Extend your branding and lead capture to 24 hours.

Our trained, efficient and friendly  Business Support Associates use your scripts, qualification surveys, and call handling instructions. From the first syllable to the last word, we aim to be an extension of your company – capturing, qualifying, and managing leads 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year exactly how your internal team does.

AnswerConnect’s  technology gives you the advantage.

Our full-time Client Services team spends 100% of their time developing tools that support our Business Support Associates – enabling us to do a better job for you. Our custom Sales Tools allow our teams to input, track, and prioritise leads for our clients.

Sales and Marketing delivers bottom line results.

We recruit experienced staff and then support them with competitive rates of pay and ongoing training as well as “on-the-job” support. Our Quality Assurance team conducts regular assessments of our team – and then we reward our people for following your guidelines.

Advertise 24 hours per day with professional sales support and lead management services from AnswerConnect’s Team Marketing & Sales.


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