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Domestic Services

The Domestic Services Industry

The domestic services industry is worth between £3 and £9 billion a year. It is a very competitive market as you are competing against franchise companies and self-starting businesses.

In today’s world we are encouraged to work for ourselves and be a “self-starter.” Many people are doing just that. They are using their initiative to make their skills and abilities work for them, rather than for someone else..

In the most recent boom period up to 2008, many people had a lot of disposable income to spend on domestic services. As the recession started to bite, however, the domestic services market became a much tougher place in which to survive, let alone thrive.


When you’ve just finished a hard days work are you ready for customers or potential new customers calling you at home at 9, 10 or even 11.00pm ?

How do you perform that delicate balancing act of growing your customer base while keeping regular contact with your existing customers, responding to their needs promptly and preventing them from defecting to your domestic services competition?

How do you make your service stand out from the crowd?….If only you could hire a PA to help share the load. But that is expensive!

Answer- Connect with us!

At AnswerConnect, we provide business support services for all kinds of industries and support for start-ups too!

We can be your virtual office assistant meaning you will never miss a call. We do all this at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff.

What we do

  • Answer your calls 24/7/365
  • Employ a highly professional and friendly staff
  • Make diary bookings for you
  • Take messages

We can also assist with dealing with your domestic services suppliers to ensure you always have the materials you need to carry out the services you provide.

Make your domestic services businesss sparkle with AnswerConnect and wipe the floor with your competitors!

Call AnswerConnect at 0800 802 1609 or register here today to ensure your clients are greeted by capable, responsive professionals 24/7/365.

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