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E-shopping tools

As e-marketers we know the value of leads in the sales and conversion area. So when the phone rings, we have a focused team that is trained, ready, and dedicated to accounts like yours where delivering lead details can be the key to success.

We’ve designed a custom set of lead capture tools, named Active Response, which enable e-commerce operations to engage leads real time and follow-up with customers within seconds of an expressed interest to increase the likelihood of conversion. Our automated inbound and outbound lead management tools include Purchase to Call, Click to Call, and Register to Call.

Purchase to Call

Schedules automatic follow-up calls in circumstances determined by your needs. For instance, customers who place large orders could receive a call inquiring about satisfaction, delivery, or product quality. This call opens the possibility for extending your relationship beyond the initial purchase with valued customers.

Click to Call

Click to Call is a feature incorporated within your e-commerce website which enables online customers to request an immediate phone call from a customer service team member. We answer questions, resolve concerns, and even up-sell customers on the way to the final purchase.

Register to Call

Register to Call is an inbound tool that asks customers to fill out a web contact form requesting a return telephone call. Your preferences determine whether calls are placed immediately or scheduled after a specified amount of time.

Active Response lead capture tools are customised and deployed based on your needs.

Our team works within your parameters to help customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Unlike other Click to Talk and Click to Dial systems, calls can be triggered by many actions such as web-registrations, web page views, shopping basket rules, or checkout process time outs. You define the rules and we can build in service responsiveness to your customer needs.

Call AnswerConnect today on 0800 802 1069 or register your interest here to ensure your clients are greeted by capable, responsive professionals 24/7/365.

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