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There are many reasons why your business may require the use of our live answering service. Perhaps you’re a small start-up looking to make a big impression. Perhaps your staff’s skill set and time is better suited to other areas rather than answering the telephone. Perhaps you’d prefer your clients to speak to a real, helpful person after hours rather than reaching voicemail. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help.

Live Answering Services

The joy of having a highly-skilled and trained workforce is that we can provide you with a live answering service that does just that—answer your calls. But we also offer so much more. You may have initially come to us looking for a simple name, number and message-taking service during team meetings or weekends. We’d love to help. But have you considered the other ways in which live answering can maximise your business potential whilst saving you money?

Here at AnswerConnect we do the basics well. But we also offer bespoke, advanced services at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee and at a much more competitive rate than industry standard. How, I hear you ask. Well, by using our ‘Anywhere Works’ model our staff work remotely from home—saving us money in overheads and saving the environment at the same time. Pounds, hours and energy are reduced using our model whilst still delivering a service that we believe surpasses any other company in the answering service industry. For our people, the daily commute is a thing of the past. This is great for the happiness of our associates, which means they tend to stay with us longer than our competitors and, in turn, learn your business inside out—providing information and enthusiasm on every call. It also means that we can attract talent from anywhere in the UK. Location is no longer a factor.

Looking for live answering? Great. But how about live web chat? Live appointment setting? Live order taking? These are just a few of the free services we can provide now that you no longer miss calls and business. With our seamlessly integrated technology we do the basics well. But we do the complicated stuff well too.

Let us help you change how you do business for the better today.


By Ben Allen

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