Answering Services – Rediscovering The Lost Art Of Conversation

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I think that an answering service like ours at AnswerConnect fulfils a sense of nostalgia that is felt nowadays about ‘how things used to be better’. We long for things to be like they ‘used to be’ – simple, personal, genuine. Well at AnswerConnect we combine the modernity of the technological present with the personality of the business past. The way we work is the future!

This may be a bit corny, but in today’s world, a connection seems to mean that you click the “like” button on someone’s Facebook or Instagram, or re-Tweet a comment instead of building genuine, person-to-person relationships with one another and connecting on a real level. We have become so obsessed with immediacy and technology that we seem to have left the art of human conversation behind us.

For many businesses nowadays the highest level of human interaction one experiences is hearing the recorded words “Please leave your number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.” Did you know as many as 75% of callers who reach voicemail simply hang up, and 85% won’t try again? We yearn to speak with people. It gives us peace of mind when handing over payment and can often be the difference between us choosing one company from another that offers exactly the same service or product.

If you’ve ever seen the show Mad Men, the lead character, Don Draper, uses an answering service for his office calls. Phones may have worked very differently during the era that Mad Men takes place, but the importance of a personable, reliable service is something that is a fundamental reality – even in the fiction of such a show.

With the numerous services we offer above and beyond our competitors, our seamlessly integrated technology and strive for creating lasting and meaningful relationships with our and your clients, we feel that should be enough to excite you. If this isn’t convincing enough  the fact that Don Draper used an answering service should do it.

Come and speak with us at AnswerConnect and let us help you rediscover the lost art of actually talking with people!


By Gerry McColl




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