Professional Virtual Receptionist Services.

Create your own virtual office with a UK-based live receptionist team answering your calls 24/7.

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professional call handling service

Why it works.

  • Always available

    Always available

    Be there for your prospective customers. Anywhere, anytime.

  • Lead capture

    Capture every lead

    Never miss an opportunity
    when clients call.

  • No voicemail

    No voicemail, no bots

    Win more business with real people, not automated voices.

  • Open for business

    Never closed for business

    Work from home, your office,
    or Anywhere.

  • Return callers

    Know your callers

    We recognise your returning callers
    for a personalised experience.

  • Manage calls

    Manage your calls

    Busy? Have an important meeting? We've got you covered.

Build brand loyalty with
a virtual office receptionist.


of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service.1

Our UK-based virtual receptionists know every engagement is an opportunity to build on the loyalty customers have to your brand.

Source: 1HubSpot.
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What can a cost-effective virtual
receptionist service do for your business?

  • 24/7 customer service

    With a team of virtual receptionists supporting your business 24/7/365, customers can reach you, anytime.

  • Messages and voicemail

    Choose when we take messages and how we answer. Create custom scripts to match your business goals and take control of your call intake.

  • Call forwarding and routing

    We get your calls to the right person at the right time. We route your inbound calls, emails, and chats where they need to go.

  • Lead generation and qualification

    Not all opportunities are created equal. Sort
    the wheat from the chaff with lead qualification
    and focus on converting the best leads.

  • Virtual receptionist appointment booking

    Use our booking platformSetmore or your own online calendar to help callers book appointments with ease.

  • Industry-specific expertise

    With specialist training tailored to your industry our virtual receptionists give a professional response every time.

  • Order management

    Process more payments and increase your bottom line with tactical order management. It's your own private digital call centre.

  • UK Business number

    Get a secure business line for your business. Keep your work and personal life separate with a dedicated business telephone number.

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App features.

  • Mobile App

    See every new engagement.

    See every new message, track usage and follow up on the latest opportunities Anywhere.

  • Desktop Portal

    Manage your account.

    Manage your account, customise your scripts and update your plans, anytime.

  • Business Phone Number

    Separate your personal and business calls.

    Separate your personal and business calls with a personalized business line.

  • Live chat answering

    Convert passive visitors to active customers.

    Convert passive visitors to active customers and capture leads directly through your website with an easy to integrate live chat widget.

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The voice of your business.

The best virtual receptionist service is the one that can handle the unique challenges of your business. Our friendly receptionists are an extension of your firm.

From lead qualification to 24/7 Live ChatSupport, they combine expertise, efficiency and empathy to give your customers consistently professional service.

  • 1.Let's talk.

    Tell us about your business, your customers and your goals. We work with you
    to create call flows to give your clients the best experience.

  • 2.Start forwarding your calls.

    Our friendly receptionists engage and interact with your leads and customers, 24/7.

  • 3.Stay up-to-date Anywhere.

    See details of your interactions via our app, SMS, or email.

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Choose your plan.

All plans include 24/7 live answering from
real people.

  • Entry

    150 minutes

    £195 per month

    + £49.99 setup fee

    • Real people, 24/7
    • Basic scripting
    • Desktop & mobile app
  • Best value badge

    250 minutes

    £225 per month

    No setup fee

    • Real people, 24/7
    • Customisable scripting
    • Desktop & mobile app
    • CRM integration
    • Live chat support
  • Standard

    350 minutes

    £375 per month

    + £49.99 setup fee

    • Real people, 24/7
    • Customisable scripting
    • Desktop & mobile app
    • CRM integration
    • Live chat support
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There is no charge for the first 30 interactions under 30 seconds per billing cycle.
All interactions are rounded up to the nearest minute and billed in 1 minute increments.

Discover how to get more from your
virtual receptionist services.

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  • What is a virtual receptionist?Arrow icon

    A virtual receptionist is a real person who answers calls on behalf of your business. Virtual receptionists essentially act as an in-office receptionist would.

  • How can a virtual receptionist service help me?Arrow icon

    By outsourcing your support duties to a team of virtual receptionists, you can also offer 24/7 support to customers.

  • Are you a UK-based virtual receptionist service?Arrow icon

    Yes. Our receptionists are based across the UK.

  • Do you provide virtual receptionist services for small businesses? Arrow icon

    Yes. Our virtual customer support team specialise in providing services to small businesses across industries, including legal, healthcare, franchise and many more.

  • How do I receive my messages? Arrow icon

    Your account comes with free access to your own AnswerConnect portal. From your portal, you can view all your calls, appointments and messages. You can also update your status based on availability and enjoy instant messaging with your colleagues.

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