Google Analytics Integration
for your Telephone
Answering Service

In today's world of business, data is power. Google Analytics is a powerful tool for understanding your website traffic-who your visitors are, what they want, and how to give it to them.

Get Started

How does it Work?

You can use Google Analytics to plan more effective marketing campaigns and get better results from your incoming communications. Integrating AnswerConnect and Google Analytics lets you use your data to build your business.

If you want to understand just the basics on Google Analytics here is a great link to get you started. We have found Analytics helpful at AnswerConnect and would encourage you to look at some form of analytics for your business as well.

Why Should Your Business Use It?

With an AnswerConnect integration, you can apply the same analysis to your incoming calls and webchats. We push the data from your AnswerConnect account to Google Analytics, giving you new insights into who's contacting your business, when, and why.

Boost Efficiency:

Transfer data instantly and automatically.

Increase Accuracy:

Real-time data analysis.

Data Analysis:

Learn what people are searching for on your site.